100% of your donation will go to

  • JAXON ARCHER DIAZ's Leukemia treatment over the coming months.  While insurance is totally awesome, it only covers a portion of the treatment; it apparently does not cover the cost of the variety of specialists who visit him daily.
  • assisting the Diaz family in relocating due to air quality and mold levels in their super old (really really old) loft in Plant City.  Jaxon's immune system will be severely compromised when he is released from the hospital, so they gotta move!
  • Jaxon's big brother, Joe Thunder, is 10 years old.  He's been a trooper thus far, although he can't believe this is Jaxon's reality!  Since Jaxon needs a parent in the room with him 24 hours every day, Joe Thunder's routine has gone off the rails.  He's going to need to be taken care of by family members and friends, and we hope to make this as seamless as we possibly can.

Our intention beyond these things is to start a JAXON FOUNDATION geared towards promoting awareness of and advocacy for children with DOWN'S SYNDROME and CANCER.
We don't intend to stop there.  More and more, we are experiencing things in the health care system for children, that we would like to bring to light (and change if we work together)!  Simple things, like IVs and ports for baby veins, child-sized oxygen tubes and tiny-person sized blood bags!

We have been completely bowled over by the outpour of love, support and donations since we started this journey.  Jaxon has shown us immense stamina and strength in the face of Leukemia, and we attribute his gung-ho attitude to all of his new friends and their strong, caring, positive vibes!  Thank you so much for rallying!