I want to extend an enormous THANK YOU (actually millions of thanks) to all of the participants in the BUMP YOUR TINY FISTS auction for their incredible show of support and immense generosity.

The auction raised nearly $15,000 for Jaxon and his family, which will go to bills, their relocation, childcare, travel costs and a myriad of other expenses associated with Jaxon's battle with Leukemia.

Jaxie is in his 4th round of chemotherapy, and although it's making him sick, it's doing the job and getting rid of that nasty Leukemia.

CureSearch for Children's Cancer Research is working with Jaxon, too, hoping to bring awareness, funding and research to Children's Cancer (ideally they'd find cure)!

This was a beautiful labor of love, and I couldn't have done it without the help of all of these wonderful people.  My heart has never been as full! I think it may have actually exploded.
It will take a lifetime to say the number of "Thank Yous" I want to say to them.
Much love and many kisses from Amy Jo Diaz.