Hello! Jax did great today during his procedures! They did the bone marrow biopsy, port placement, first round of spinal chemo, chest X-ray and Echo cardio gram on his heart. Whew!
He's been sleeping most of the day. They see that he has a slightly enlarged liver and spleen and fluid around his heart but these are all normal symptoms of leukemia they will be monitoring. They also let us know that he definitely has AML M7 type of leukemia. This is usually the worst type to have except if you have Downs! Then it is the best kind to have. For some reason they haven't figured out yet, there's something in Downs genetic makeup that makes them respond extremely well to treatment!!! What a blessing!!! He starts IV chemo tomorrow!!! We feel all of the love, prayers and positive energy everyone is sending our way!!! We can't thank you all enough!!!