Settling in for Battle

Driving 85 to get Joe Thunder and his Buelo home from the hospital listening to old Cuban guitar from Buena Vista Social Club. Joe asks if we can listen to something he knows the words to; Buelo tells him to relax and listen to the complex simplicity of the guitar. We are rushing to get home because we need to take Ben da Beagle out. 

   This has been our month.. Rushing to relax and listen to this new complex language of Leukemia. We are almost through the "first round" and just got word that Jax will possibly be discharged tomorrow. First we were 5 months, settle in, then at least 6 weeks. Now it's here, it feels different. 

We've seen so much of this monster, the language, the fear, anxiety, infections, tubes, beeps, wires, some food, no food, wipe downs, IV's. It's been a hard battle and we feel successful but, the war isn't over. 

So many have reached out to help, it's truly been a roller coaster of love and hate. I just want to hold Jax. I just want to hold my wife again. I just want to hold my Joe Thunder. You all have had such amazing affect on our tempers and feelings.