So, Jaxon got discharged for 12 DAYS!  His rebound from the 2nd round of chemotherapy was super strong, so they gave us a break from the hospital.  SUPER AWESOME, right?  Well, the only catch is that our old loft is so moldy and old (not to mention the thousands of leaks that spring through when it rains), we're super stressed out about keeping him safe from infection while we're out. 

We got this rad HEPA filter, hoping it takes a lot of the airborne mold from the air, but Jaxie's already all snotty and congested since we've been home.  It's so nice to be out of the hospital, even when it's a surprise release, but we really have to move out of this loft ASAP, so we can be a little more relaxed when they give us a leave.

Our little champ is growing up so fast, he's talking up a storm, we got him special shoe inserts to help him walk (and he's cruising like a bruiser!), and he's mostly a happy camper.  It's just so crazy how quickly he's growing up, right before our eyes, IN THE HOSPITAL!!

Thank you all so much for keeping in touch with us.  We're gettin through this as best we can.  Trying to keep the stress to a minimum, although it's not that easy.