Alarm went off at 6am, Cyn woke me up in a panic at 8:47am to get some breakfast for Joe Joe and start packing up the gypsy caravan. I found that procrastinating admission for chemo round 4 makes it much more stressful. Coffee sucked, traffic sucked, no shower, barely got my teeth brushed. 

But, I've got the set up and breakdown of the Jaxie show down-pat. We ate, drove and were installed in less than 2 hours. You can imagine the looks we got at the hospital, we totally move! Logistics and efficiency keeps our minds off the fact that Jax is about to get accessed, and that means the next 30 days are going to totally suck. Our lives will do a 180 again. For now, the eerie quiet before chemo begins.




It's been a crazy couple a days; surprise discharge, returning to managing the stores, doctors appointments, stabilizing "home". Not sure where home is now?! Somewhere between work , school, and the hospital.

 Β  Jaxie's CBC (complete blood count) levels are on the upward swing to recovery for round 3. Breathe! Shake my head! And get ready for round 4.  CHEMO SABE!!!